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Metaline Industries (Pvt) Ltd. was established in 1983 as a sheet metal parts and component manufacturer as one of Pakistan’s few and largest sheet metal stamping companies. Today we are ISO 9001 & 14001 certified tier-one vendors to OEMs, simultaneously serving the local and international market.

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Metaline has geared Tier 1 Manufacturers in Pakistan with modern equipment and has potential to prosper in its own set of challenges, in compliance with the strict international standards that has been put down into a specific state. Our service is our core strength and with the feed back given by the customers to improvise and to ensure that our products performance is in accordance to our clients expectations

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From Product Engineering to Manufacturing, we are a one-stop solution to your manufacturing needs in Pakistan.

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Our customers include renowned companies operating in Pakistan. We are on the direct supply chain as Tier1 vendors for the following Original Equipment Manufacturers



Can you stamp stainless steel?
Custom steel stamps are of all shapes and sizes and can be easily customized. Stainless steel stamp is most typically embossed for industrial uses, while other stainless steel stampings marking methods are more prevalent in residential and manufacturing applications.
  • Signature Stamps Manufactures:
    Only signature stamps should be used on more rigid metals such as stainless steel. More intricate steel stamps for metals will ultimately wear out plated or basic stamps. Powerful mechanical or hydraulic presses with relatively moderate stamping rates are necessary to compress the metal pieces without breaking them.
  • Stainless Steel Stamping:
    To avoid breaking stainless steel, the stamping tools must be more exact, and the press must work slower as the distortion increases. The machines are hydraulic presses with force capacities ranging from tens to hundreds of kilograms and up to thousands of tons. Metal sheets (stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, alloys) are clamped between a punch (punching) and a die in this manufacturing method to deform without breaking while the punch and die advance in opposite directions.
  • Stamped Metal Parts Manufacturers:
    Stamped metal parts manufacturers use this method. Stamping is the continuous deformation of a metal sheet or a metal strip, i.e., a cut-out piece of metal that fits the shape of the tooling used. Another metal deformation technique involves transferring a volume by "printing" on the metal with instantaneous static hitting, either cold or hot. In the steel industry, it is also known as forging.
What is stamped steel?
Stamping, also known as pressing steel, is a process-fed metal sheet when it comes out into a machine. Yes, it can be compressed and shaped into a specific part of your desire. From which stamping stainless steel parts are manufactured, custom steel stamps and steel letter stamps can be formed.
  • Stamped Steel Durability: Stamped steel is valued for its durability and toughness, but it needs some assistance to go the distance. Stamping is the progressive deformation of a metal sheet or a metal strip, i.e., a cut-out piece of metal that fits the shape of the tooling for you.
  • Metal Deformation Techniques: Another metal deformation technique in stamping, which involves transferring a volume by "printing" to the metal with instantaneous static hitting, either cold or hot. In the steel industry, it is also known as forging. Steel is commonly alloyed, and various finishing procedures are employed to make it rust-resistant. Stainless steel is known for being difficult to shape and cut. While this is generally true, it depends on the type of stainless steel and what manufacturers intend to do with it.
  • Steel Die Manufacturers in International Market: Building a die to cut and mold stainless steel requires a full grasp of its specific properties. Many stampers have attempted and failed to shape and cut stainless steel in dies designed for ordinary carbon steel. To stamp stainless steel parts, We first understand the properties of the material being stamped and then design the procedure around that behavior.
What is stamped stainless steel?
Stainless steels are a family of ferrous (or iron-based) alloys with excellent resistance to rust and corrosion. This versatile material is solid and light, and its color can vary. Color can be added to stamped impressions in a variety of methods.
  • Benefits Using Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is shielded from oxidation, corrosion, and rust by a thin layer of chromium oxide. Regular laser engraving eliminates chromium oxide, exposing the stainless steel underneath to oxidation. Stainless steel is a robust iron and chromium metal noted for its anti-corrosion and anti-stain qualities. Metal stamping manufacturers use different methods depending on what they are manufacturing.
  • Low Maintenance, High in Flexibility: Depending on the quality of the product and the additional components added to the alloy, stainless steel can also be heat and fire-resistant, which is why it's so prevalent in kitchen supplies. Stainless steel is low-maintenance and highly flexible since it may be rolled into plates, bars, sheets, wire, or tubing or used to make cookware, appliances, cars, and much more. Start your custom quote by contacting Metaline.
How to make a metal stamp die?

Metal stamping dies manufacturers are exquisite specimens of craftsmanship. They are utilized on various materials, including leather, metal, and wood. They are used to give design surfaces depth and detail. Lightly heat the metal die to produce a wood-burning impression, or emboss a belt or handbag with leather tooling. Metaline is also a well-known Steel Stamped Parts manufacture in the USA market. 

  • Metal Die Designing Process:
    It might be challenging to create, produce, and design a metal die, but the end product is rewarding, a one-of-a-kind trademark design that can be used on any material. Stamping, often known as pressing, is inserting flat sheet metal into a stamping press, either in coil or blank form.
  • Precision Whiling Manufacturing Metal Stamps:
    Precision metal stamping manufacturers use stamping techniques to form metal, including punching, blanking, bending, coining, embossing, and flanging. The metal sheet is fed into a press where a tool and die are used to quickly shape the desired part or component.
  • We’re Stamping Professionals :
    Before the material can be created, stamping professionals must design the tooling using various engineering technologies. These designs must be as exact as possible to achieve optimum clearance and, thus, excellent part quality for each punch and bend. Because a single-tool 3D model can include hundreds of elements, still the design process is frequently tricky and time-consuming. 

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